About Us

GC Radio Hub is a marketing company, that works as a gateway between the reality world and the virtual metaverses, such as Second Life, Open sims., We service other gaming worlds such as Black Opps, Grand Theft Auto, And Forte Night.

We at GC Radio Hub bring real Life Business, Advertising and Entertainment to the Gaming Community. This Community is very underrated for its economic power. We are able reach millions of people at a fraction of traditional methods. The Gaming market we serve as an abundant amount of disposable income and impulse buying habits.

We have developed an entrance to this market to bring new ideas, Products, and Services to the gaming Community. We’ve divided the Company into three departments to accomplish this goal.

First, GC Radio Hub the parent company, that creates content via talk shows, “Keep It 100 Open Mic Talk show”, gaming reality shows, “Un Locked Cribs”, and a promotional department that organizes virtual concerts and videos to spread information and impact the masses.

Secondly, we have “Get Connected Radio” a Virtual Radio Station. “Get Connected Radio”, otherwise known as “GC Radio” which plays the hottest music from many categories. “GC Radio” playlist ranges from Discovered artists to new emerging artists to be discovered. We at “GC Radio” is proud to host the Platinum Artist Dave Tolliver of the group “Men At Large” podcast show among others to come.

And Last, “Printed Clothing” displays fashions of the latest trends in the fashion world. We are GC Radio Hub.

“Get connected Radio” started as a small time talk show on a public radio station in California. Today “Get Connected Radio” is recognized within the gaming community as a home run hitter. We utilize the talents of many new and upcoming Disc Jockeys ears to the streets and grids to discover and expose new artists to the opportunity of stardom. Our platform is used for helping the community via talk shows and fund raisers.

We provide an umbrella of opportunity for the masses to be heard.  We’re proud to announce that after 10 years of silence we are making noise across the world with international listeners and DJs.

We stand behind our slogan: “The only way to be connected is to get connected with Get Connected Radio”.


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